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The 'Story of Victory' journal has been an anticipated project since 2015

and is an ongoing project every other year in dedication to mental health awareness. 

In May 2021, the first 'Story of Victory' journal was launched.

This current journal is dedicated to Depression Awareness month, October.


10% of the purchased price for every journal will go to Mercy Multiplied. 


Depression is one of the most common mental health problems today. It is not just a state of unhappiness or sadness. It is a true disease. Depression is something we tend to recognize in others but may have a hard time seeing in ourselves. It can show in many physical and emotional ways. It's common for many, and even for ourselves, to route to unhealthy avenues when trying to deal with depression. Although there are many unhealthy avenues, there are also healthy ways to deal with depression. Either is reaching out for professional help, focusing on your physical health, and especially journaling when it is difficult to express how you are feeling.



New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji, Australia, Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawai'i, Maryland, Texas, Utah & Virginia.


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