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Portrait Art Competition 

My artwork and the exhibition of all the other winning artworks are currently being displayed in Teravarna winner’s gallery.


Acrylic painting of a self portrait of myself, background of my favorite color hibiscus flowers.

Medium: Acrylic and Oil Paint

Size: 20x24

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Colors of Inclusion:
A Study in Floral Art Artist Reception 

Hera Hub DC has celebrated the amazing, vibrant variety of colors that flowers and gardens give us season after season. I have been chosen with 17 other local artists to reflect on the beautiful diversity of flowers as well. Take a look at my 2 floral artworks that were chosen. Opening reception was on September 21st but artwork will be available to be viewed up until December 2023.

The original artwork has been sold.


Heliconia is also known as the “lobster claw” flower, commonly found in the Pacific Islands. The flowers come in different vibrant colors, red, orange, and yellow.


There are over 200 varieties of the hibiscus flowers worldwide, it comes in many colors: pink, white, orange, yellow, red, and the list goes on. Adding beauty to many tropical places especially in the Pacific Islands, used for home decor, medicinal purposes, and a flower to wear in your hair. 

Medium: Acrylic and Oil Paint

Size: 18x24

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The WCA DC Chapter showcased artwork focused on food, culture and community, done by women artists that are based in the Washington, DC-area. Each artwork depicts of groups eating and drinking, photos of important cultural cuisine, images of kitchens, portraits of chefs, and paintings of their favorite food memories.


This acrylic painting shows a pile of palusami just fresh out of the umu, ready to be served. Made simply from taro leaves and coconut milk with some chopped onions and salt. To cook  the palusami, you would place it on hot lava/river rocks which is called a 'umu', it is then covered with banana leaves to keep in the heat. Creamy coconut mixed with taro leaves is one way to keep a Pacific Islander happy.


This artwork dedicated to my father, who always made the best Samoan cultural foods throughout my childhood back home in Samoa and Hawai'i.

Medium: Acrylic and Oil Paint

Size: 24x30

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The WCA DC Chapter showcased artwork from women artists based in the Washington, DC-area that were inspired by the magic of plants and flowers.


It’s common to see a red hibiscus all over the Pacific Islands but I absolutely love the different colors it also wears on its petals. It compliments the beauty of an island girl, it helps bring healing to the sick, but most importantly its beauty radiates love and happiness.

Medium: Watercolor Paint and Ink Pen.

Size: 9x12

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Blue: More Than A Color

"Wow, just imagine missing school on the day when they were learning blue. You'd spend the rest of your life wondering what color the sky is."

-Daniel Quinn

The 501 c3 Nonprofit Organization: (AiM) The Artists in Middleburg , will be showcasing artwork from local DMV artists that explores the multifaceted nature of blue, from its emotional; resonance to its cultural significance.


"Pasefika" is what the Polynesians call "The Pacific" referring to the blue Pacific Ocean that surrounds the Polynesian islands. Some say that they can get lost on the ocean, but for the Polynesians, mother nature has always guided the voyagers on her vast blue ocean as they navigate their Polynesian ships to their destination, by the constellation in the azurite blue sky.


The ocean has always shown its beautiful blue colors in the daytime, but also during a full moon when the tides are high; the waves roar as the moonlight shines through the grey rain clouds after pouring more water into the deep blue ocean.

Medium: Watercolor Paint and Ink Pen.

Size: 9x12

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